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Sigma Haul / Review

I was in no need for more make up brushes and had no reason behind placing this order except from the fact that they are too beautiful to not have in my collection. 

I thought id share this mini Sigma haul with you. 


If you're looking for a good brush to apply shadow really easily to your lid, I'd suggest you get Sigma E50. It's a bit larger than the E55, In my opinion, the best of the bunch. Large enough, sturdy enough, and you can pack enough shadow to it.

This is now my fave eye brush. For those of us that might just use an all-over the lid shade and run out the door, this is the perfect brush. It's big and fluffy and soft, but flattened a bit in a way where is just goes where you want it to.
This brush shed quite abit. I used my fingers to gently pinch at the bristles and about 5-6 strands came off. I repeat many times and it continues to shed!!! 
This is a very large, flat shader brush. It is fairly soft and when washing I didn't see any bleeding black ink. It is a versatile brush. I use it for a soft wash of colour on the lid or brow bone, putting powder under my eyes to set concealer, and applying highlighter on cheekbones. 


I wouldn't really describe this as a must-have brush, but it's still very nice for detailed work.

I use it for highlighting my browbone, applying eyeshadow on my bottom lashline or smudging eye pencil.
It's especially good for connecting the outer corner of my bottom and top lashline. My eye is rounded and I have long lashes so this can sometimes be a bit tricky because I can't see that outer part really well, but this brush helps make a precise line.
I've had it for a few months and washed it several times, both with soap and makeup remover, but no hairs fell out.
It's not the softest brush in the world, but I noticed no scratching or irritation whatsoever.
Also, it hasn't lost its shape at all.
All in all, I would recommend it to those who use a lot of eyeshadow and like more elaborate looks or do makeup on others.
As I said it's not an absolute must have for everyone, but I really enjoy using it and it has proved to be quite handy on a lot of occasions.

This is another amazing brush, It's great for blending in your upper and lower lash line, good for creating a smoky eyes without any messy fallout!

The Sigma 3DHD Kabuki and Precision Brushes are multi-functional tools invented by Sigma and engineered to perfection. The 3DHD Kabuki was uniquely designed for all areas of the face to apply liquid, cream and powder products uniformly on every curve, crease and angle; while the 3DHD Precision brush was uniquely designed for smaller areas of the face.
The point of the brush allows for precise application, which I think is awesome! If you need to get into the creases of your nose or just below the eyes and lips, the bristles are sure to get those hard to reach places. I like to get my foundation and concealer right up to the rim of my eye to cover up discoloration. This intense point allows me to do so. If you’re a makeup artist, its so easy to use on other clients, as without a precise brush, it can sometimes be a bit difficult with other brushes. While we always end up making it work, having a tool to make life easier is always great!
I can pretty much say the same thing about this brush that I did for the Kabuki. It’s rare that I use a brush to blend in my concealer, as I opt for a Beauty Blender, but again, if you really want to get close to the eye, it’s great. If you like creating those eye looks with a sharp edge, applying concealer with this brush just below the shadow is easy and you don’t have to worry about messing it up.  Furthermore, if you need to clean up around your lips if you have smudged your lipstick or need a sharper edge, it’s small, precise design makes it easy to achieve that look.


The Sigma Beauty Extravaganza Collection is a lavish assortment of one of a kind, brushes with 18K gold plated ferrules. The Extravaganza Face Kit features four unique brushes specially designed to deliver a luxurious makeup application

Blush - F92 Perfect for application of powder blush. Also ideal for shading and highlighting cheeks and face. Natural bristles.
Because it's flat, I can use this not just for applying a blush but also I can highlight with it. If you put it next to F95, you'll see that it's actually a very normal sized brush (F95 is huge). Again, the bristles are soft and I am glad it's not very dense. A dense brush tends to pick up too much of the product (especially when you're dealing with loose powder blush) and you can end up looking like a clown. I personally think a flat brush is better at applying a blusher compared to a round one because when your brush is flat, your application becomes easy and precise.

There were a couple of times last summer after getting some sun that I needed to find an easy way to blend my foundation’s color with the color in my neck because it looked way lighter than my face. I looked at some videos in youtube an saw this particular brush which seemed to be exactly for this purpose . So, I decided to give it a try. I’d had a very good experience with this brand so far so I was hoping this would also be a good brush.

This is such a unique brush! First of all, the bristles are really soft even after a couple of washes. It doesn’t scratch my skin at all, which is great for sensitive areas like the neck. This Sigma Body Brush, like the name says, is perfect to apply products to the arms, shoulders, chest, legs… anywhere you can think of. My favorite use for it is to blend my foundation all over the neck and chest so that everything is even and the makeup looks polish. This brush has such a dense head. Because of its size if perfect to cover large body areas.

I haven’t used any other brush like this before, so I found it quite unique. The fact that it’s so soft, so dense and so big
make it ideal for blending any product, whether it’s a powder or a cream, specially in large areas like the chest and neck. If you are constantly getting a lot of sun and find yourself doing a lot of blending between your face and any other part of the body you may want to consider this brush. Otherwise I can’t think of any other way you could use this brush.


When placing my order with Sigma I had the option of choosing a free gift, I chose the E25 in a mini and I also purchased the full sized version. I had purchased this brush a while ago and ended up loosing it when I was on holiday, so it was only right for me to repurchase it. 

As the name states, this is a blending brush for eyeshadow but over the years, I’ve found that it does a lot more than just blend shadow.
If you don’t want your under eye concealer to look cakey, you can use a brush like this to apply the product. It gives a lighter coverage and a more diffused look to the skin. You’d be surprised you know. Natural hair really does apply cream and powder product better and more evenly to the skin, with a lighter more natural appearance. At least that’s my experience which is why I prefer using natural hair brushes.

This Sigma E25 Blending Brush has also been touted to be a dupe of the MAC 217 blending brush but as I do not have the MAC one I am unable to compare. I do have another 2 brushes that look the same in my stash so I’ll show them to you below.

All in all, I’d say that this is a good brush to have in your brush stash. It is multi-functional and performs well, plus holds up well to washing. I’ve had this one for a few years and the bristles still wash out fairly clean with just soap. I couldn’t complain really!

The E25  brush is a blending brush with white natural hair bristles. i personally find that the brush is quite dense, yet fluffy enough so you can use it to blend colours and edges. I personally use this brush to apply concealer under my eye area.  in my opinion it is a great multi purpose brush, great value for money. 

Have you tried any of these brushes? Are there any you'd recommend? 

Eman xoxo

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