Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Best Hair Mask - Drug store edition

A head full of split ends.. Story of my life.

Im forever seeking new hair treatments or mask, both shop bought and home made. I Had hoped into Superdrug over the weekend as I had run out of nail polish remover; Trying so hard to keep my eyes on the floor and not to let them wonder to across the aisles of heaven. Who was I kidding? I came out with 3 hair masks and a new Shampoo and Conditioner duo that I will be reviewing in my next post. 

Two of the hair mask were repurchases, Both from Herbal Essences. I forgot how much I loved to use these. Not only does the smell alone make you fall in love with the product but the price. £3.99!!! Actually at the time they were on offer buy one get one half price! So it would of been silly to not have stocked up. I usually go for the red tub (Beautiful Ends) and the blue tub (Hello Hydration) Both of which are wash out masks. However this time I picked myself up a Beautiful ends and the gold tub (Bee strong) And as you guessed, Theres some juicy honey goodness inside. 

Since purchasing these I have used them both. The split end mask works wonders on ends. I use this once a week; I leave it on for a good 15 minutes while I have a soak in the bath. I shampoo my hair as per usual, then apply generous amount of this to the ends of my hair (not too much as it will just slide down the drain)  I then clip it up and leave it on. If I’m having a shower and not bath id try my hardest to leave it on for as long as i can which usually is not more than 5 mins or so. The mask itself smells AMAZING. 

Ive not tried this particular one before and thought id give it a go. Im not the biggest fan of L’oreal products yet cheer for their Extraordinary range, The shampoo and condition are fab if your on a tight budget. This summer saviour edition mask its targeted to Dry, sun exposed hair which is exactly me, with my summer holiday around the corner I thought id give this ago. The mask states that it cares for hair that has been damaged by the sun, salt and chlorine which are all things I will encounter from my holiday. This mask is defiantly getting packed in my suitcase. This mask also has that summer oil smell. Pure lush!I don’t have the thickest amount go hair so I also ensure I fully rinse out all product from my hair, especially a heavy hair mask as they tend to weigh my hair down and leave it very greasy very quickly! 

I would definitely recommend this for everyone to give a try, especially those with dyed hair; And to all those heat styling lovers like myself… this is the kindest treat you could give your hair! I was excited to give the Intensive mask a try. The smell takes me back to a pool side moment, The smell has a beautiful honey and Apricot smell that reminds me of summer.

 Summer smells like this tub! Once I have shampooed and conditioned my hair like normal I grab a generous amount of this stuff, again not too much as the more you add on the hair the more it will go to waste. I tend to only use heavy masks like the eon the bottom of my hair however this time I worked it in my scalp from root to tip - as advised. I left this mask of for 4 minuets then rinsed it off.The results were beautiful, I noticed my hair was defiantly less frizzy. My ends defiantly felts stronger after using this mask. If your hair is in need for some TLC id defiantly pick one of these tubs up, for the price you can’t go wrong! beautiful product with its signature smells that we all adore to lather up with!I purchased L’oreals NEW Extraordinary oil nourishing mask .

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Eman xoxo

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